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Vision & Sound: new podcast coming exclusively on Magenta Radio

Magenta Radio is excited to announce the launch of a brand new podcast exclusively for the station. 'Vision & Sound', hosted by Billy Raftery, will feature unique knowledge, insight and opinions of what's going on in the media industry today, as well as looking back at events and innovations that helped shape the industry as we know it today. No subject will be off limits and listeners will be invited to share and discuss their own opinions and analysis. The podcast will also feature guests from a variety of backgrounds with plenty of lively discussion.

Billy said: 'I cannot wait to get started with this podcast! I've got knowledge most media commentators don't have so I'm excited to share that information with my amazing audience. Absolutely nothing is off limits and you'll hear nothing but the facts! I've got some interesting things coming up and I'm really excited to take everyone along with me. I have the best YouTube audience and I'm sure they'll continue to support me in this exciting new step in my career.'

Vision & Sound airs on Magenta Radio on the first Friday of the month at 7am, 1pm and 7pm UK time. Each episode is then available on general release exclusively on Apple Podcasts from midnight (UK time) the following day. For the latest news you can now see the dedicated webpage at Listeners will be able to submit topic requests and be able to become a guest on the podcast. Information about the podcast will also be published where applicable on the 'Cabinet of Continuities' YouTube channel.

Opinions expressed on the podcast are those of Billy Raftery and/or contributors. Magenta Radio is not responsible for production of the podcast, nor does it have any liability for potential actions taken as a result of opinions expressed on the podcast.

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