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The Lord's Challenge with Joshua Daniel

The Layman's Evangelical Fellowship International is a ministry reaching people from all walks of life since 1935. After a life changing encounter with Jesus Christ at the age of 16, Joshua Daniel declared the marvellous deliverance from sin, which is freely given to all those that turn to the Loving Saviour. Every Sunday we invite you to listen and receive the invaluable blessing that God has for you, and to reach out and touch the Loving Saviour.

The Lord's Challenge airs on Magenta Radio every Sunday at 6pm
The schedule may change at short notice, this page will be updated with information if this occurs.
Magenta Radio does not endorse all the views expressed in this programme.
We reserve the right to remove content that may be considered offensive.

Last airing

21/07/2024, 6pm, 'Comforted in Heaven or tormented in Hell' [Part 2] (852)

Next airing

28/07/2024, 6pm, 'The name of Jesus is Wonderful' [Part 1] (853)

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