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Song Submissions

Give your music a worldwide audience with Magenta Radio
Magenta Radio is always looking for new and emerging talent for our station.
If you feel your music would be just right for our station, and want to have your music exposed to a large international audience, we'd love to hear from you!

Simply email and include
 the metadata we need to air the song, including artists name, song name and year. We only accept MP3 audio files. This means that, if successful, we can play your song so make sure it's the right file type! We automatically do not accept any songs with any hateful language or vulgar references. We also may check your socials to see if they comply with our policies. 

We'll email you back within 6 weeks of your submission. If successful your song will begin airing on Magenta Radio immediately. We'll also add your name to the playlist page with links our audience can use to find out more about you and possibly even purchase your music or other goods. If this is the case you'll take home all the profit and we won't make a penny!

Sound interesting? Let's get started!
Email right now to start your journey to stardom
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