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Carnaval is coming to Magenta Radio this February

Magenta Radio is about to become the first British radio station to cover the Rio de Janeiro carnival (Carnaval do Rio de Janeiro), with unprecedented coverage of the event. The Rio carnival is one of the biggest in the world with more than 200 samba schools battling it out to be this year's carnival champion in front of bustling crowds at the Sambodromo on Sapucaí Avenue.

On air, all the songs from this year's festival will be played during a 90 minute special airing on Magenta Radio throughout the event, as well as the individual songs at various intervals throughout the day. Online we'll present the latest news and information on the 'Carnaval' page of this website, as well as the results once they are presented. We hope you can join us for this festival of colour and song for the first time on Magenta Radio!

2024 school/song list - Sambas de Enredo 2024:

  1. Acadêmicos do Grande Rio - Nosso Destino É Ser Onça

  2. Acadêmicos do Salgueiro - Hutukara

  3. Beija-Flor - Um Delírio de Carnaval na Maceió de Ras Gonguila

  4. Imperatriz - Com a Sorte Virada pra Lua, Segundo o Testamento da Cigana Esmeralda

  5. Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel - Pede Caju Que Dou... Pé de Caju Que Dá!

  6. Mangueira - A Negra Voz do Amanhã

  7. Paraíso do Tuiuti - Glória ao Almirante Negro

  8. Portela - Um Defeito de Cor

  9. Unidos do Porta da Pedra - Lunário Perpétuo: A Profética do Saber Popular

  10. Unidos da Tijuca - O Conto de Fados

  11. Unidos de Vila Isabel - Gbalá - Viagem ao Templo da Criação

  12. Viradouro - Arroboboi, Dangbé

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