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Our story

Magenta Radio began broadcasting in 2023, but our story goes back further…


  • 14th April – ‘The Hit Parade’ begins broadcasting, the first song is Marc Cohn’s rendition of ‘Walking in Memphis’

  • 15th May – Spin-off stations ‘The 80s Parade’ and ‘The Xmas Parade’ are launched

  • 14th July – ‘The Hit Parade’ is closed

  • 22nd October – Specimen Pop begins broadcasting, the first song is ‘First Time’ by M-22

  • 23rd October – Specimen Chill begins broadcasting, the first song is ‘Half the Man’ by Jamiroquai

  • 28th October – SRN is formed

  • November – Last remaining ‘Hit Parade’ spin-off stations are closed

  • 1st December – Specimen Christmas is launched

  • 30th December – All stations are migrated to Shoutcast, contracts renewed



  • 1st January – Radionomy is closed down

  • 12th January – First edition of ‘The Lord’s Challenge’ airs on Specimen Chill

  • 20th January – Specimen One launches

  • 26th January – First edition of ‘Sunday Talk Time’ airs live on Specimen Chill

  • 15th March – Final live ‘Sunday Talk Time’ before lockdown

  • 22nd March – ‘The Lord’s Challenge’ moves to 6pm start time

  • April – Specimen One begins airing coronavirus press conferences

  • October – Specimen Pop rebrands

  • 1st December – First Christmas Light Count, then known as ‘Christmas Light Run’

  • 30th December – Contracts renewed for further 12 months



  • January – Specimen One airs sports events for the first time with BBL basketball matches

  • 13th February – SRN celebrates World Radio Day

  • 15th March – Specimen Classica launches

  • 20th May – Specimen One Eurovision temporary station begins

  • 23rd May – Weekly live ‘Sunday Talk Time’ resumes, ‘The Lord’s Challenge’ returns to its original 2pm start time

  • July – SRN provides coverage of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan

  • 8th August – ‘Sunday Talk Time’ is broadcast live from Anglesey in North Wales

  • 1st December – Specimen Christmas returns for second year

  • 30th December – Contracts renewed for further 12 months



  • February – SRN provides coverage of the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, China

  • 11th March – Shoutcast announces the sudden elimination of some of its plans

  • 6th April – SRN migrates to Live365

  • 1st May – Final editions of ‘Sunday Talk Time’ and ‘The Lord’s Challenge air on Specimen Chill

  • 5th May – Specimen One, Chill, Pop and Classica are closed down at 5am BST

  • 7th September – SRN reveals plans to revive its stations




  • 3rd February – ‘Slow Radio’ temporary station begins broadcasting

  • February – Preparations begin for Magenta Radio

  • 17th April – SRN announces new radio project

  • 1st June – New radio station announced as Magenta Radio

  • 7th June – Magenta Radio commissions LFM Audio to create new jingles and sonic identity

  • 10th July – Magenta Radio begins broadcasting at 7:15pm BST, the first song is ‘This Is What You Are’ by Mario Biondi

  • 16th July – First edition of ‘The Lord’s Challenge’ airs on Magenta Radio

  • 1st September – Website is launched

  • 6th September – First live ‘Sunday Talk Time’ airs on Magenta Radio

  • 27th October – Magenta Radio introduces its first featured artists, Finnish duo Kai Kuu

  • November – Magenta’s most successful month since launch as listening figures increase drastically

  • 12th November – Christmas Light Count campaign begins on Magenta Radio


  • 13th April – Magenta Radio’s first sports broadcast, live basketball between Surrey Scorchers and Newcastle Eagles

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